Print your Pet on a T-Shirt

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Show all of your friends and family that you can wear your animal everywhere you go with this awesome t-shirt! Our dye-printing technique allows for your beloved animals to be displayed at their maximum potential. The bold color, lightweight material, and “all-over” printable area allows you to wear your animal in full resolution! Send us an image of your pet and we will print it! Wear your animal while you're on the go! Print your pet to help save another!

Submitted image is printed on a sheet of high-release paper and transferred onto your apparel using a high heat and pressure system. Heat converts the solid, printed dye particles into a gas (sublimation) and bonds them to the polyester fibers in the shirt. In comparison to screen printing and direct-to-garment digital prints, the dye is absorbed by the fabric allowing a much more breathable and softer feel.

  • 100% polyester construction

  • Made in the USA
Men's XS S M L XL 2XL
Chest (inches) 30-32 34-36 38-40 42-44 46-48 48-50
Waist (inches) 28-30 30-32 32-33 33-34 36-38 40-42


Women's S M L XL 2XL
Chest (inches) 30-32 32-34 36-38 40-42 44-46
Waist (inches) 25-26 27-28 30-32 33-35 36-38


Important Printing Information

Small white streaks will appear on all t-shirts around the seams, especially around the the armpits and around the collar of the shirt. Sadly, it cannot be avoided with our printing process. These marks are most common under the arms and near stitching (sides, collars, shoulders, etc). *This printing issue only applies to our t-shirts.*

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