Frequently Asked Questions

I purchased a product featuring my animal so when will I get it? What if I live in Canada or another country outside of the USA?

All orders placed will be fulfilled and shipped to your mailbox within one to two weeks. For orders shipping internationally and to Canada, your packages will take a little longer but will be there in a timely manner. All orders placed within the United States include free shipping. There is a standard $10.95 shipping charge for Canadian orders and a standard $16.95 shipping charge for international orders. Sorry, we would offer free shipping outside of the United States if we could!


I've been waiting patiently for my order, where is it? What if my package was lost in the mail?

Contact us ASAP if it has been over two weeks since ordering and you still have not received your package from us. We know how important your animal is and will work with the post office to track the package down and/or send you another one.


Print your pet to help save another?

We are committed to providing financial support to animal rescue efforts by donating a percentage of each sale to organizations and no-kill shelters. We have plans to increase this pledge as our business grows. If you have an organization or shelter that you would like us to donate to, send us an email!


How environmentally friendly is this business?

We are committed to providing a higher quality of service while respecting the environment at the same time. All of our products are made in the USA and shipped in 100% recyclable packaging!